Move to Alcochete

 Left Canada on a red eye night flight with both parents,

a flashback racing back 50 years the other direction.

Crossed the ocean to land and settle in Alcochete Portugal.


It was a nice sunny morning, blue sky and aroma of my pride.

Portuguese citizen felt what my father said many times...


" Ja fui a Londres, Sao Francisco e Miami
Mas nao troco nada dizo pelo cantinho onde nasci."


When I left Canada, dear friends Carl and Anne, gave me

“ Rescue Remedy “ to drop when over stressed and edgy,

and,  I did use as often as the crossroad rotundas.


My friend and mother in Law janet Mays, gave me a pen

to use for signing my name on paper worthy of my trust.

Sam Sniderman gave me his knowledge to use

and an empty 1 dollar wallet to fill with growth.

My son Travis, looking up said “ Be Strong dad “ ,


and my lifelong friend Judith Mays put it like this:

   ~ ~ ~

“ think of this departure as they did when called

to war to serve their country, and protect their freedom,

go and do what you must, we are infinitely bound with you"

   ~ ~ ~

So here we are with an effort to satisfy my father’s wish

to allow him to end his life in Alcochete.

“ terra da minha maezinha ”

as he said it in a song lyric

about recorded in the 60’s for Alvorada.


As a surprise to everyone there at the

empty and gradually falling chapel, where roses found their place

and biblical sense was expected to be forever proper with etiquette,

religious and soul bound to a wondering mind.


Yes what a surprise it was for all in this little village

of brave men and devoted women to hear a voice

come out of the unexpected twist.


If he were here today, he would love to hear one of his songs,

and the song that wanted to be heard was the one he wrote

about this little far away village, Alcochete.


~ the end ~